Friday, December 5, 2008

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State Rep. Daniel Bosley responds to Jonathan Melle who asserts various wrongdoings after asking Melle to take him off his lengthy (see below)email list. Melle's accusations amount to slander, Bosley says.


WARNING: This e-mail is a suspected phishing scam.

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Date: Thursday, December 4, 2008 10:39:15 PM [View Source]

Jonathon, I asked very nicely and I made a point of saying that I am not criticizing or stifling your right to "Dissent" as you call it. Blog all you want. However, I will now add your emailand name to my delete account and be done with it.
For the record, though, please get your facts straight as you write about me. First, there was no secret budget amendment on the corporate reporting bill. My amendment was in the Clerk's hands and on the rostrum for the entire day. I believe that the amendment was a good one and the fact that most of it was adopted by the conference committee and is now law speaks to that. The amendment did not give huge breaks to businesses for money that would accrue to Massachusetts. Get your facts straight and please don't refer to some blog or post as your proof as that may not be right. Give the amendment to an accountant and have them explain it.
Further, although you have the right to post on your blog and in email, stating that I was paid to offer this amendment is illegal, untrue and slanderous. Stating that I am corrupt is also slanderous. If you keep this up, I will refer this to a lawyer. Again you have the right to post, but not to post lies that slander another person.
Second, I voted to put the clean elections issue on the ballot and the voters changed ti. I had nothing to do with drawing up or offering a secret amendment.
Third, we have had this conversation before. I do not like the state lottery more than I like gambling. However, it is already law and brings over $900 million to cities and towns. Unless you can find a way to fund cash strapped cities and towns, I would suggest that we keep the lottery in place.
Lastly, and this is the crux of the issue, isn't it? I never "took you on" not did I have any quarrel with your dad. Yet, you insult me because I was the rep when we abolished county government and your dad was a Commissioner. I wish you had been at the meeting where I asked the Commission to do something relevant that would justify their positions. I suggested that they form a telecom association and bring broadband to the Berkshires. I suggested that they form an electricity co-op like the Cape. But they chose to do nothing and we couldn't justify charging cities and towns for a county government that ran a survey crew and the treasurer's office along with a few other minor duties. By the time I got into government, the D.A.'s office, the jail, and the planning commission had already been moved out. there was nothing for them to do and we abolished them. I am sorry that you have held a grudge all these years. It is not my intent to answer you anymore and I won't know if you answer me as I am putting you on a junk mail list. However, let me say this; Jonathon, think about what you write. Your list of people you hate or write against continues to grow longer with all of your perceived slights. this list is growing so long that it can't be everyone is corrupt or mean spirited. Think about this and try to adopt a more positive outlook.


Original Message-----
From: Jonathan A. Melle []
Sent: Thu 12/4/2008 2:41 PM


Re: Jonathan Melle's reponse

Dear Daniel E "BUREAUCRAT" Bosley:

You say that my writings are repetitive, but so aren't the recurring or revolving financial problems the state government is facing: The "Big Dig", The State Budget DEFICITS, Special Interest Lobbyist $'s, Closed Door Legislative Sessions, and the like. Instead of criticizing me for my written redundancies, why don't you fulfill your ambition and be "elected" Speaker of the House and fix the state's long-term fiscal crises?

Do you remember your now failed secretive rider to the FY2009 Massachusetts State Budget, which The Boston Globe called "The Bosley Amendment"? The state's largest big business lobbyist group payed you to propose into law without even one public committee hearing to give huge offshore tax breaks to large corporations that would have further deepened the state's one-plus-billion dollar fiscal year budget deficit. This FACT leads me to ask you, Dan Bosley, who are your REAL constituents? I mean none of the businesses you were doing special interest work for are in your Northern Berkshire Legislative District! You are just another CORRUPT money-grubbing Beacon Hill Pol who screws the people to profit off of the vested state and corporate interests!

Since I follow your every political move, Dan Bosley, let us take a look at your perverse public record. You, Dan Bosley, are a big supporter of the state's monopoly on gaming: The (not so) great system of regressive taxation that is entitled "The Massachusetts State Lottery Commission", YET, you also oppose expanded gaming in the private sector that was Governor Deval Patrick's flawed 3 casino proposal. That means that you support regressive taxation so long as the state has a monopoly of redistributing poor peoples' limited dollars to the vested state & corporate interests' already wealthy flush respective coffers.

Let us look at your public record on "Clean Elections". A majority of the voters passed "Clean Elections" into law in the November 1998 state election. In the FY2004 Massachusetts State Budget (July 1, 2003), you supported abolishing the "Clean Elections" law as a secret rider to the state budget without even one public hearing! Between the Autumn of 1998 and the Summer of 2003, you both voted in favor of and in opposition to "Clean Elections"! FLIP-FLOP!

You have held $100 per plate fundraisers at the Pier 4 restaurant in Boston. You, Dan Bosley, have served on economic development committees not to create living wage jobs, but rather, to economically develop your own campaign coffers with corrupt special interest dollars. You have used your campaign dollars to finance trips to the Caribbean, Alaska and other far off places, while local and state taxpayers have paid your public salary and received greatly diminished public services.

You, Dan Bosley, have some nerve taking on both my dad (over ten years ago) and me. I know why you are so top-down and intimidating! The big wheels in Pittsfield and Boston politics did NOT want my dad and I to speak out against the CORRUPTION in city and state politics. Pols like Stan Rosenberg, Andrea F. Nuciforo II "Luciforo", Denis E Guyer, Carmen C Massimiano II, and the like, told you to take my dad and I on. Instead of having a conscience, you chose to be a BUREAUCRAT and follow orders with total banality and self-interest.

I had great hopes for you, Dan. You were going to take on Tom Finneran years ago, despite the fact that you were his loyal subordinate. For a while, you spoke out against the corruption in Massachusetts State Government, you told me that we were friends despite our public differences, and you made some of the most intelligent policy points of any public servant I have ever listened to. I hope you do NOT sell out completely. I hope a piece of you will still be the good man you have at times shown yourself to be in politics. I was hoping you were going to run for Speaker of the House so you could use your public policy expertise, good causes, and friendly demeanor to reform the state government.

Dan, I hope you prove me wrong on my criticisms of your perverse public record. You were one of Massachusetts' best hopes for reform. If you would STOP being a BUREAUCRAT and begin again being a Legislator, then the glimmers of hope you have demonstrated could be realized for the benefit of the commonwealth and its citizens.

Best regards,
Jonathan Melle
~Forever Friends~
Jonathan A. Melle
30 Hanover Street, Apartment # 209
Manchester, NH 03101-2227
Telephone: (603) 232-5538
Cell: (603) 289-0739 E-mail:
--- On Thu, 12/4/08, Bosley, Daniel - Rep. (HOU) wrote:
From: Bosley, Daniel - Rep. (HOU)
Subject: RE: Open Letter to Joe Kelly Levasseur...
Date: Thursday, December 4, 2008, 7:28 AM


Please remove me from your email list. I have asked this before
and am politely asking again. They are repetitive and serve no purpose. You are
among many that I am asking to remove me from their mailing list as they clog
up my email and we are limited in the amount of space that we get on our servers
for email. You are no longer a citizen of Massachusetts and I would rather that
I leave space for the emails that come to me from around the state concerning
state issues or more importantly, from my constituents.

I understand that you have a right to free speech, but would ask
that you limit yourself to those who correspond with you or your web site. And
please, this is not a criticism of you or your right to free speech. But let's
use some discretion and common sense here.

Thanks for your cooperation,

Dan Bosley

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Jonathan Melle said...


Hi, Mary E Carey:

I just love your professional work in journalism; in fact, you are my favorite journalist EVER To put it another way, if I was "Superman", you would be my "Lois Lane"!

So, what do you think with my failed relationships with DANIEL E BOSLEY, DENIS E GUYER, ANDREA F. NUCIFORO II, et al?

I really liked your Blog entry.

Please keep up your good work, Mary!

Best regards,
Jonathan Melle

~A fair & fellow native of Pittsfield, Massachusetts~