Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Latest exchange between state Rep. Denis Guyer and his detractor Jonathan Melle

Pittsfield High School, my alma mater (1975) and Melle's from Melle's blog.

Jonathan Melle at Fenway Park from his blog.

On Feb 8, 2008 5:18 PM, Jonathan A. Melle wrote:

Dear Denis E. Guyer:

This is the last email I will ever send you.

I understand that I am supposed to react to all of the dirty politics of Andrea Nuciforo II, and the like. I understand that the rumors you spread about me are to bait me into reacting to the layers of bullying placed upon me since I have been nearly 21-years-old in May of 1996 when I first met "Luciforo" when my dad successfully ran for Berkshire County Commissioner. I understand what I am expected to do with all of this.

I have learned whom not to be in my life of 32.5 years and counting. I am not going to take the bait you and those you have colluded with against me by telling people such terrible things about me. The things you have said have gotten to me and the dirty politics have taken its toll on me. However, my response is to live at my own level of dignity and be myself, not someone else.

I am not a pawn in a chess board. I am not the bait. You have lost!

In eternal silence to you forever more,

Jonathan A. Melle

One of Melles' nemeses, state Rep. Denis Guyer, a Dalton Democrat with John Kerry.
Guyer to Melle:
Dear Jonathan,

You will be back.

You sent a similar "last email" about four years ago to me. I think it was six months before you were writing about me again. Not that you will believe this, but I actually go months and months without thinking about you. These periods are only broken when someone sends me your latest wild, paranoid bloggings about me. I sort of laugh about them( you should know-EVERYONE laughs about them) and go back to what I was doing again- not thinking about you- and working for the people who elected me.

I think you see yourself as more significant in my life (and the lives of others) than you are, or ever could be. I mean, ask yourself...why would I, or anyone else for that matter spend any free time even thinking about you? I have better things to do with my time.

I hope you are moving on with your life, but I realy doubt that you can-or you will allow yourself to. You have been (by your own admission) fighting this imaginary fight since you were twenty-one and you are now "32.5".That's a long time to be caught up in a fantasy. Good luck trying to break the 11.5 year habit, I don't think you can and 32.5 will become 42.5 and then 52.5 and on and on.Someday you will look back on your life realizing you accomplished little else than putting together a really nasty blog about some people who could've cared less about you. Now there's something to be proud of!

Your rantings about me and others is what makes you feel self important and must give you a great deal of satisfaction.
Imagine my satisfaction though in knowing that your efforts, blogging about me, have actually resulted in more traffic to my website and even a donation to my campaign fund!! What a wonderful irony.

Anyway, I would say goodbye, but I somehow think Jonathan that I will be hearing from you again......and soon.

Get A Life,


Denis said...

Hi Mary,
Just wondering why you didn't choose to post this email from Mr. Melle to me (I know you were on that string too)Why not post the entire string and give your "readers" the true picture here??
I guess this one, where Mr. Melle uses foul language may not have portrayed him in a very good light. Also, maybe you should post the stuff from his blog where he calls me a neo nazi and says that I "must be stopped"....kinda strange stuff from a guy I haven't seen or talked to in almost four years. Anyway..here is his post, you know, the one you saw before.....
Take Care,

Dear Denis E. Guyer:

I wouldn't wish your racist, violent, hate-filled, vicious, mean-spirited...slander and terrible attempts to hurt people on my worst enemy.

Leadership is by actions and words. You are no leader! I will legally & legitimately STOP you! I HATE YOU! You are an ASSHOLE, Denis!

Jonathan Melle

Mary E.Carey said...

Denis -- Sorry I'm just responding to this now; I don't automatically receive comments on the blog. I haven't read every one of Jonathan's emails and only post them sporadically. Thanks for the addition!